Anna Lussen

Model, Moscow

He moaned as my mouth pleasured him, then my dad couldn't hold out any longer and he started to fuck my mouth, holding my head in his hands as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth, I looked up at him and nodded no and he stopped and let me do it, his balls swung gently underneath as his breathing sped up, suddenly he jolted and ejaculated in my mouth followed by another, I held him there until I got all his cum before I stood up, we traded places 180% and I sat then laid down on the edge of the bed.

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Tomas & Isabel

Wedding, Norwalk

I was wearing a dress so I took off my panties and dad took down his jeans and underwear, in no time at all he held me in his arms against the tree with my arms round his neck, what an amazing feeling, the sheer thrill of it as dads cock filled me up and him holding me there while his cum drained out! Of course we had sex every night we were there too, but those woods never went to waste either.

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Jenna & James

Wedding, London

It seemed like forever but finally he was completely in me and he felt so big, he began to stroke it slowly in and out of me as I moaned with the intense pleasure it was giving me, he was so deep into me I felt the base of his cock pressed tightly against me, he stopped for a second, lifted my legs up and pushed me further onto the bed getting on himself, I locked my arms and legs around him to show that I also wanted him to stay in me, I told him he could cum inside me as I have been fixed, I wanted to feel my dad give me something no other woman other than my mother had had, and would never get again,  I felt like I was floating, my body felt weightless composed of nothing but wave after wave of the most intense pleasure I could ever have imagined, his breathing and pace picked up, just at this moment my pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice, his cock immediately responded to the tight grip and with one almighty push, his orgasm began, I’ve never felt a cock contract and pulse as much as this, it seemed never ending as load after load exploded from him over filling me dripping down onto the bed sheets

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